March 19


The Vicar writes…

Lent and Easter are almost as late as they can be this year so we’ve had lots of extra time for preparation and looking towards these important seasons! Both seasons focus on a depth of self-examination and refreshment so that we can truly be the people we are called by God to be.

Lent begins on 6th March with Ash Wednesday when we are reminded by the marking with ash on our foreheads of our complete reliance on God alone. We are all encouraged to come to one of the services on Ash Wednesday to mark the start of Lent and to start the journey through Lent together.

This year for our Lent study course we are following the course “From Now On” which is based on the film “The Greatest Showman”. The course explores themes of redemption which are particularly pertinent to Lent, and is written by The Revd Dr Rachel Mann, priest in this Diocese. As usual we will share this with friends at Whitworth and Facit. Further details later in the magazine.

Lent is a good time to look at ourselves in God’s light and see where and what we’re being called to, it may be to take on a role in the parish as the APCM approaches, to consider how you give to support the work of the church or it could even be to stay where you are and do what you’re doing! During Lent, you may wish to meet with me for a conversation, in confidence, to talk about where you are in your journey with God, or for any other reason. It is a privilege to meet with people and talk about where they are, and where God may be calling. If you would like to have such a conversation, do please be in touch.

Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) will take place on Sunday 7th April after the 10.30am Parish Eucharist. The APCM is a good time to reflect and take stock in our church life, as well as to consider plans for the future. There will be ‘vacancies’ that need to be filled; could God be calling you to a new challenge? If you would like to think about what opportunities there are to serve please speak with me.

As we journey through Lent we journey to the fulfilment of God’s promises at Easter; new life and resurrection. God calls us to live life in all its fullness. May Lent be a time for each of us to discern how this can be so.

With all good wishes, and every prayer for a blessed Lent.

Mother Penny



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