March '18


The Vicar writes…

This month the clocks will go forward, the days lengthen and God willing, more signs of spring will begin to appear. It is almost as if creation itself is preparing to celebrate the joy of Easter, shaking off the drabness of winter and clothing itself with glory ready for the resurrection of the Lord.

It can’t have escaped our attention however, that creation needs our care. Plastic is causing a huge problem environmentally. Statistics from Plastic Europe state the 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced annually – much is not biodegradable, and a lot cannot be recycled.

We all have a responsibility for the care of God’s creation. This stewardship was entrusted to humanity and whilst we do much good, we also cause much destruction to nature and wildlife. The Church of England urges its church goers, in Lent especially, to take a lead in their communities in thinking about and trying to limit their impact on the natural world. Suggestions include refraining from using plastic straws, using a fountain pen or pens with refillable ink, instead of disposable biros, continuing to re-use shopping bags, and not buying packaged fruit and vegetables. In addition, we at St Nicholas’ are re-launching our church as a Fairtrade Church in March and re-committing ourselves to seek the fairest deals for farmers and tradespeople, locally and throughout the world. The small amount that each of us individually can do will make a huge difference collectively.

As we prepare for God’s renewal of the face of creation at the eternal Eastertide, let us each do our bit in the here and now, for the sake of all creatures and the natural world.

With love & prayers as Easter approaches,


Mother Penny



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