September '18


The Vicar writes…

On 12th September 1826, then Bishop of Chester, Charles James Blomfield, consecrated the building that we inhabit today. Whilst we celebrate the foundation of worship on this site in 1511 and rejoice in over 500 years of history, this September we celebrate the heritage of this our present church. For 192 years, this building has been witnessing to the presence of God in the community – “How awesome is this place. This is none other than the house of God and this is the gate of heaven.” (Genesis 28:17)

Of course, a lot has changed since 1826 – in this building (the addition of a chancel and the renovation of the narthex, for example) in the wider church, in the local community and in the world. Attitudes, technology, popular philosophies, and means of communication to say the least are now very different.

We all know, however, that the church is God’s people gathered together, to pray, to worship and to serve him, and God remains constant. His church continues to do His work; perhaps in a different world, perhaps in a different way but by the power of the same Holy Spirit and in the name of the same Jesus Christ.

During Heritage Weekend, on Sunday 16th September at the 10.30am Parish Eucharist we will celebrate the consecration of the current building in 1826. We will remember faithful stewards and benefactors of this church gone before us and rejoice, we will give that to God for all that St Nicholas’ Church has been in this community, all that we are as a church and all that we will be. And we will pray for God’s blessing upon the church, its members, our community and all those we are called to serve.

Please do make a special effort to come to the celebration that day and to pray for our church and all of God’s holy church, now and in the years to come that we may spread a gospel of hope and joy to the waiting world.

With my prayers and best wishes,

Mother Penny



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