Revd Alan Sowerbutts writes…….

Dear Friends,

June is the most popular time of the year for ordinations. Many take place around the time of St Peter’s day (29th). Coming towards the end of our interregnum coincides with the anniversaries of ordination of Frs Michael, Alastair and me.

For Fr Alastair this is a significant year as it will be the 30th anniversary of his ordination as a priest and he will be presiding on 26 June in commemoration of this. You may remember that Fr Michael’s 50th was almost two years ago. Next year will be my 40th. The advent of Mthr Penny as our new Team Vicar will also be close to the anniversary of her priestly ordination too.

Just as ordination marks a change of direction in a priest’s life, so the coming of a priest marks a similar change for a parish. I expect many will be looking forward to Penny’s arrival will a feeling of relief after two interregna so close together. Perhaps there is a feeling that at last things can be ‘handed over’. To an extent this is true but God never ceases to call us; he just changes the call from time to time. Coming here will be a new chapter in Penny’s ministry. It will also be a new chapter in all our ministries not just those of the priests who happen to worship here.

God calls us to work together for him; to ‘walk in his ways that he sets before us.’

Penny will bring a new direction and this direction could seem strange for some. It would be good to remember that she is coming here because God has called her here. God has ordained a new direction for our parish and is sending a new priest to bring it about.

As we pray for her may we pray for ourselves also; that we too may respond to God’s new call and continue to give ourselves in his service.



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