April 19


The Vicar writes…

April is finally here, bringing the blossoming of Spring, Passiontide, Holy Week, Easter and a certain wedding… It is a month for new starts in so many ways.

New life and growth springs forth in the natural world around us as flowers and leaves blossom, and as the work in the churchyard has already begun our attention is drawn even more to the beautiful setting of our church.

We prepare to mark the events of Holy Week, culminating in a joyful celebration of new life in the resurrection of Christ on Easter Day and for the 50 days following.

For Fr David and I we prepare to mark the start of a new chapter in our lives together as we prepare to marry on 23rd April, Easter Tuesday. We are very grateful for your prayers and good wishes as our wedding day approaches.

Amidst all of these new starts and their joy however, it is impossible to ignore the fact that we are living in uncertain and unsettling times. This is particularly in focus for the world now following the recent atrocity in Christchurch, New Zealand and the natural disaster of Cyclone Idai. We in the United Kingdom are also unsettled by the current political questions this nation faces. Our Archbishops call us to pray fervently for the life of our world.

Throughout Holy Week, Christians across the world journey together in prayer through the events of Christ’s passion, contemplating suffering, injustice, violence and what seems to be hopelessness. In all our sufferings, whether personal, national or global, Christ has trodden the path before, experiencing the very depth of human reality.

At the very start of the week following, beginning at St Nicholas’ with the Easter Vigil at 8pm the night before, we celebrate the transformation of that painful experience by the resurrection of Christ - we recognise Christ’s sovereignty over all things, over injustice, pain, suffering, betrayal, hopelessness and even over death.

Christ is risen that we might rise with him in eternity, where all things are made new and love reigns supreme. As an Easter people, we as Christians are called to make new life and love present in our lives and communities here and now, as we await that great day when Christ will raise us and the whole creation made new to eternal life.

With all good wishes and prayers, Mother Penny


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