December '18


The Vicar writes…

During the seasons of Advent and Christmas this year, we will take part in the national Church of England initiative, #FollowTheStar! This is an encouragement for us to boldly and brightly share our Advent and Christmas services and events, inviting others to join in the journey to Christmas and to find Jesus, born in the stable.

#FollowTheStar will be used on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter as a way of connecting with others. (It is surprising how much engagement comes via social media. Our invitation to lunch on Christmas Day for example, has been shared by 284 people.) We are encouraged to take photos of events and services and to share with others. We are encouraged to take delight in all that is going on and to have fun, and to share that delight and fun with others. The Christian message is Good News and a message we want to share! This time of year is an excellent opportunity to engage with people, many of whom rarely come to church or are coming for the first time.

As part of the initiative, we are invited to put a star in a window of the church. This will be lit especially on the night of 21st December with other stars in homes and churches across the country. Our star will go in the bell tower window. We are also encouraged to put stars in our own windows, perhaps advertising Christmas services. Perhaps you could put a star in your window? Posters will be available for you to take and display in your home if you wish to.

The Christmas story tells us that the star led the way to find God incarnate that first Christmas. We pray that others may be led on the same journey this Christmas and that together we may recognise God’s light, peace, grace, love and salvation in all of the darkness and difficulty of the world.

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”
With love, prayers and best wishes for a blessed Advent & a happy Christmas!

Mother Penny