Sunday School


Our Sunday school is held on the second Sunday of the month, led by Christine and Karen, during the majority of the Eucharistic service the children are in the Narthex. They have their own little altar to remind them they are still in Church.

We follow the Christian Church’s year, so that the children are learning the same as the adults. To make learning a pleasure we do many craft activities, we make mobiles, decorate cards, we do Christian crosswords, colouring in pictures. We also make bookmarks and place settings (then we laminate the last two). All the items made by the children are taken home with them and are provided free by the church.

At communion the children return to the congregation and go up to the altar to be blessed by the vicar. At the end of the service we show the congregation what we have made that day and if the children wish to they read a prayer to the congregation.

We are always happy to have children come along the more the merrier! Also new leaders are always welcome. The Manchester Diocese of the Church of England is always running courses to help Sunday School leaders learn more innovative ways to help children learn about their faith.

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